Why We

  • Excellent R&D capabilities with development of customized products at the best prices.
  • Q.C equipped with HPLC (Quaternary systems), Spectrophotometer, Karl-Fischer, Auto-titrator.
  • Pilot plant setup available to conduct kilo-scale reactions including hydrogenation and perform scale-up studies.
  • Well qualified staff in plant, Q.C and R&D.
  • Specialized production equipment available to conduct all types of unit reactions.
  • Ensuring timely deliveries and meeting all regulatory standards.
  • Commitment to improve effectiveness of quality management system to achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • Well-equipped effluent treatment plant with primary, secondary and tertiary treatment facilities.
  • MPCB consent, Member of CETP and Mumbai Waste Management Ltd.

All other utilities and filtration equipments required for carrying out most of unit processes.